February 14th is around the corner, so instead of doing the same old thing to celebrate V-Day this year, why not get creative with your Valentine’s Day ideas and show the woman you love just how much she means to you?

As for how to make this Valentine’s Day a unique celebration, do something you wouldn’t normally do or something you’ve talked about doing as a couple, but haven’t yet had time for.

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Here are 10 romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas to plan for your wife or girlfriend (that you can use all year round, too!).

1. Plan a date on the beach

If you live in a warm climate, go to the beach.

2. Take a ride through the snow

If it’s cold, go for a sleigh or horse-drawn carriage ride.

3. Take her to a show

See a play or a musical.

4. Plan an indoor picnic

Have a romantic picnic on the living room floor.

5. Book a room

Splurge a bit and book a hotel room for the night.

6. Bathe together

Take a bubble bath together by candlelight.

7. Watch the sunset.

Or start the day off by watching the sunrise.

8. Go stargazing

Park and star watch.

9. Get a couple’s massage.

There’s nothing more sexy and romantic than that!

10. Sign up for a dance class

Take a sexy Latin dance lesson together.

Relationships become stagnant because people start taking each other for granted and the dynamic romantic thought that went into the first dates goes away.

Sustaining romance and love require creative effort, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to start thinking proactively about those thing in your relationship.


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