Valentine’s Day is around the corner and somewhere, one girl is planning to buy her man singlet and boxers. If you are one of such girls, you better cancel those plans.

Don’t use bad economy as an excuse; there are gifts that won’t cost an arm and a leg that you can get for boo.

Check out these examples below:

Customized jersey

Men always love their jersey, have it customized and he’ll appreciate it even more.

Take him out and pay for everything

Men are proud creatures. Some of us will die before we admit that some of us like going to the movies or just chilling at the beach. If your bae is one of such men, take the initiative. ‘Drag’ him to the beach or take him to one of those restaurants or hotels with an all you can eat buffet. And yes, make sure you pay for everything.

Pray for him

Women often underestimate the power of prayer in their relationship. Imagine your man waking up to you praying for him. Believe me, even if he is the devil’s younger brother, he’ll appreciate it better than that pack of Lux singlet you want to buy.

Trip Him on a Face and Body Massage

Who says he can’t go to a spa! Trip your man on a full face and body massage coupled with a thorough manicure and pedicure session. Help him get out the pent-up stress of everyday bustling with a rejuvenating general massage and a body pamper.

Pamper Him to a Resort-Treat;

Pamper him to one of the most memorable times of his life with all the fun games in a resort at a very affordable price. Sharing those moments with him could never be better.

Luxury shaving kit

No matter how macho a man is, he can always do with a little pampering. A deluxe shaving kit is a luxury put to good use by virtually any man including yours. So indulge him. Or perhaps he is a member of the beard gang, then a well equipped beard grooming kit is it.

There you have it, ladies, these are some gift ideas you can give your man on Valentine’s Day. Don’t let the devil trick you into buying boxers and handkerchief.


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