A-list Nigerian singer, Davido has become very controversial when it comes to his personal life. He puzzled a lot of his followers and fan in a video he shared on social media where he was chanting to notorious cult group’s song.

The father of one enjoyed himself in the video singing in lines to the gyration songs of the cult gang, popularly known as Aye Axe Men.

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The singer, who threw caution to the wind in the Snapchat footage was more than happy to be identified with the deadly gang as he danced to their gyration tune.

He also gave a strong hint of his affiliation with the Black Axe confraternity in his Dodo video, where he donned their black beret and did some hand signals linked to the cult group.

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The Black Axe, which is also known as the Neo-Black Movement are recognizable by their official clothing: They wear black pants, a long-sleeved white shirt, black coat with the axe insignia on the front and back, and a black beret with a yellow ribbon tied around it

Watch the Video below:



  1. Comment: For it is light out that, they that defiled the axe, awaits them a painful chasetisment. Uhuru must be achieved, Black is Beautiful, Orima..do 4 u..oo, u Bam scarter my()

  2. Comment:dodorima to all glorius axe men worldwide juname j b dey reason say una too bam also orimado to all egede men wee dey for obollo afor sub zone

  3. Comment:una father axe men we go over board una because a day shall come when una skull shall run down to zerp thousand milimeters into a vahalla where there no whala


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