Nigerian singer Iyanya has finally revealed what happened between him and his former business partner Ubi Franklin, saying he was sidelined by Franklin after they set up “” record label.

Iyanya made this known during an interview with popular on-air personality Daddy Freeze, who questioned the singer on the current feud between him and Franklin.

Ubi had shared documents to show that he did buy Iyanya’s shares, but the singer took to Ubi’s comment section on Instagram to point out that the documents were dated 2016.

This is believed to be one of the reasons the ”No Drama” crooner left Franklin’s record label.

Reacting to Iyanya’s comment, Franklin asked the singer to keep off his comment section.

But Iyanya insists that the real deal at Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) has his name missing and Franklin’s brothers’ names were replaced with his.

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He also alleged that songstress Emma Nyra was the one who coined the Triple MMMG.

“I remember our first fight was when I was on tour in America with Tekno and he told me that Ubi told him I don’t like him, Tekno also revealed how he had made well over 30million since we signed him but Ubi never told me,” he said.

“Then what spoilt it was when Ubi brought me a CAC form with 400 shares allocated to me but someone called me to confirm and I took a flight to Abuja, I went to CAC and lo and behold I saw the forms I filled but my name was no longer there, Ubi had replaced it all with his brothers.

I was totally mad and when I came back to confront him, he was begging me.”

Watch full video of the interview below:

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