“We don’t know if O.J Simpson used discovered knife yet”- LAPD



Na wa for tale-bearers o. Rumour that O.J Simpson’s DNA wasn’t found on the knife that was discovered on his former LA property has spread like wildfire but an LAPD spokesman has refuted claims that the knife which was buried on the former property of O.J Simpson contains no evidence linking him to the killings of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.

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Early on Tuesday,  TMZ quoted a police source as saying that ‘microbes in the soil’ had destroyed any evidence on the knife potentially linking Simpson to the 1994 slayings. However, The Wrap has since reported that the lead investigator on the case ‘has not received any such information yet from the crime lab’.

Speaking to the Dailymail.com, LAPD officer Ricardo Hernandez said the department is trying to confirm both statements, but cannot provide any clarifying detail at this time. He said: ‘We are trying to confirm both statements, but the people working in that division have not got back to us yet.

‘We are trying to get information on whether the testing has been completed, but that is not available at the moment.’

Hernandez was unable to provide a time-frame for how long it might take to get hold of that information.

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However, a law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation told The Associated Press that detectives doubt the knife is connected to the killings. The official said the knife is commonly used among gardeners and was too small to make the wounds that killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

The official was not authorized to publicly discuss the investigation and spoke only on condition of anonymity.



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