Looks like we’ll have to wait a while longer to see those two make it official.

Speaking yesterday in a Facebook live interview, Blac Chyna said she is waiting to marry Rob Kardashian after pregnancy because she wants to ”Turn Up” at the wedding!

The lovebirds were asked why they weren’t married already and Chyna said: “If it was up to Rob literally we would go tomorrow. Rob in agreement said, “we would have been at the courthouse downtown a long, long time ago.”

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“He wants to go there but I’m like we need to do it the traditional way,” Chyna continued.

“Every woman deserves to have a beautiful wedding not when they’re pregnant,” Rob added as Chyna chimed in, “Because I want to turn up after. I want to turn up on my honeymoon and I want to turn up on you.”

Wedding bells! Rob & Blac Chyna reveals when they will get married
Photo Credit: Dailymail.uk

“But I think next year, to kind of give you guys an idea,” Chyna said more seriously. “It’s not going to be this year. I kinda want to get my body back.”

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The parents-to-be also revealed their bun in the oven won’t be their last child together. “Rob wants me to have like what four more or something like that,” Chyna smiled.

“We can do like three more,” Rob said.

Chyna added, “Three more, so four total, plus King that’s five. A big family, just like Rob’s used to!”


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