Wellness travel trends to consider for ultimate stress relief


Big city life has its perks, but fast living and all that technology can be stressful. However, changing your environment for a weekend can help your body and mind heal.

Wellness travel is becoming more popular among travellers for many good reasons. Here are 5 trends to consider for yourself.

1. Active vacations

While many believe that an active lifestyle means constantly running around, it’s actually just about moving more. The sedentary position is one of the main causes of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and degenerative back problems.

Changing your lifestyle can reduce the risks and also boost your mood in the process. Active lifestyle retreats are the perfect choice to find a much-needed boost to change your habits and get you moving.

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2. Individualized travelling with painmoons

When people think about travelling, they usually visualize it with other people. This is something heavily present on social media and in advertising.

However, one inspiring wellness travel trend is painmoon: going on a trip abroad alone to heal.

People who lost a loved one or are going through any other hardship can now enjoy specifically designed travel plans that help them recover. These programs offer specialized treatments that deal with anxiety, depression, and sadness.

3. Revitalizing wellness mom-cations

Every mother knows how valuable it is to have time for yourself. It’s hard to leave children at home, but taking a break from busy family life is good for everyone.

This is why mom-cations are a growing trend in the world, with programs offering a healthy break for mothers to re-energize. Wellness mom-cation getaways offer rest and help you rediscover yourself again. You can go solo or with girlfriends.

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4. Immersion in nature

Nature immersion getaways are on high demand in recent years, since they offer a perfect escape from everyday stress. This type of wellness travel is completely dedicated to mental health and mindfulness with remote locations full of untainted nature and wildlife.

Australia and New Zealand are some of the most sought out nature immersion getaways in Oceania, offering both luxurious locations and tranquillity. Only an aircraft charter hire away from each other, both countries have unique ecosystems full of unique flora, fauna, and landscapes.

Both destinations will get you close to nature, helping you to de-stress and eliminate anxiety.

5. Preventive wellness programs far from home

Alcohol, smoking, and bad diets are habits that many people have consciously ignored. Luckily, preventive wellness is on the rise and you can travel while you nix a bad habit.

Long work hours, family obligations, and emotional troubles all take a toll on mental and physical well-being. Following these inspiring wellness travel trends is not indulging in luxury, but choosing a much-needed recharge of your batteries.

So, give yourself a few days of rest from your life and go on a little getaway to revive yourself.



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