What? Cookie Lyon goes back to jail?


Cookie Lyon

No apologies for this spoiler for all lovers of ‘Empire’ We hear that in the mid-season finale of Empire, Lucious Lyon loses control of his company after being double-crossed by Mimi and his youngest son Hakeem. Meanwhile, Cookie goes back to the prison where she did time to give inmates a concert as middle son Jamal is outed on live TV during the announcement of nominees for music awards. And then the heavily pregnant wife of oldest son Andre is pushed down the stairs of the luxury home Lucious bought for the couple by a hooded intruder.

The episode almost jumped the shark by including a real Pepsi commercial shot on a subway train and starring Jamal.
But it soon returned to what the Lee Daniels show does best – family feuds, betrayals and affairs. Mimi, played by recurring guest star Marisa Tomei, plays a secretly recorded video of Lucious (Terrence Howard) at a meeting of the Empire board of trustees.

In the clip, he says he doesn’t give a damn about what the board thinks and will get rid of members who opposed him in his business dealings. Mimi then calls an emergency vote to be held a few hours later to oust him from the board. Lucious spends the intervening time trying to bring board members back on his side but when the vote takes place, it turns out that Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray) has the deciding vote. Hakeem, who had earlier had a visit from his older lover Camilla (Naomi Campbell), who plays the sex card, ponders on the way his dad has treated him and how he had thrown out his older lover. He votes against his father.

What happens next???


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