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For crying out loud! After seeing Kim Kardashian’s nude photo which she used to celebrate the International women’s day yesterday, I imagined the spirits of dead gender activists who fought for the emancipation of women sitting at a round table discussing what type of cane they should use to flog her.  Just in case you are wondering what my rant today is all about, I’ll bring you up to speed.

Yesterday March 8th was the 105th celebration of the International Women’s day. A day that was set aside to fight for the cause of gender equality in the home, at work, in politics and in all other spheres. The United Nations even gave the theme for the celebration as “Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality”.

There were several dignifying events held to mark the day across the world. However, being the chronic attention seeker that she is, Madam Kim Kardashian, wife of the bankrupt Kanye West woke up to shower and probably got an Instagram notification that it was International women’s day. She couldn’t keep her stale nakedness to herself so she decided to share a picture of her body which by now a blind man can draw off hand. Viola! She had celebrated international women’s day. She broke the internet but not on a platter of gold.

On a day when formidable women stood before governments, demanding a change in gender perspectives, Kim Kardashian not only missed the point of the celebration but stole the attention of those who needed to be spoken to with her cosmetic body.

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It is not surprising that in a gathering of elders, a lost child would wander in crying ‘wolf’… But a fine long cane is always sufficient to do an immediate reset of the google map in the child’s head so that he goes back to running the errand on which his mother sent him. This is exactly what Piers Morgan, Bette Midler, Miley Cyrus and co. did to Kim Kardashian. They did not only troll her on social media but lashed out at her ignorance and excessive need to be naked. I took a moment to look back and realized I needed to ask this question:



I mean, what are these celebrities up to anyway, always posting pictures of their nakedness on social media? When it’s Breast cancer awareness day, we see boobs all over social media. If International Women’s Day is now for nude photos, perhaps we should have pictures of women’s uterus on mothers day.

Sadly, the Kim Kardashian syndrome has spread so far that even in Nigeria, Maheeda is constantly trying to get us blind with her nudes. Cossy Orjiakor never tires of flaunting her questionable breasts at us and recently, Mo Cheddah joined the bandwagon.


Rather than pass on the message of ‘embracing one’s body or sexuality’ what we have are young girls and ladies who feel they need to be validated by social media users for whom they would gladly pose nude. Rather than inspire women to feel strong in themselves what we have is a steady rise of baby mamas and viral sex tapes.

So Madam Kim Kardashian and indeed other naked weapons that call themselves celebrities, what exactly do you hope to achieve with the nakedness you so easily flaunt? What values are you trying to impact? Perhaps y’all should have been born during the ‘Garden of Eden Era’

I tell you that rather than preach gender equality, Kim Kardashian with her nude picture yesterday stressed the fact that many women these days are nothing but sex objects.

How sad I feel for that young girl in science who is working on the cure for cancer, she lives in a world where nakedness is more celebrated than innovation. How it pains me to know that many qualified women would have their job applications shredded simply because they are seen as nothing but subjects who must never be given the equal opportunity with men. How hard it gets everyday for the young girl I mentor to believe that her skills and her brains are enough to accomplish her ambitions rather than turn her body into a public museum of perversion.


Dear Kim Kardashian,

Let me tell you something your mother should have told you: Women are so much more than their naked bodies. Women are respectable, intelligent and are empowered through education and development, not nakedness. Else, the naked children running around in South Sudan  should have no worries about the future.

I am so sick of Kim Kardashian’s nakedness that I am calling on all members of the public to make kind donations of clothes we can send to her so that she has some decent clothes on her back.

For once, celebrities should put on some clothes and have some dignity. At least, Adele has proven that one can still be a super successful woman without going naked.



  1. True talk. So appalling… While some women are working their asses off to pay bills. She is posting nude photos


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