What to do before and after exercising to prevent skin problems

prevent skin problems (2)
No doubt, exercise is good for the general wellbeing of the body, however, adequate precautions need to taken to ensure your face and body don’t suffer for it. DD fitness gives you some tips on how to prepare to break sweat but still maintain a clear and beautiful skin.
Decongest your face:
Ordinarily, make up could mean a build up of oils sweat and dirt which are a potential cause of break outs. When exercising, the amount of sweat produced triples compared to regular routines, which could mean an increased risk of acne breakouts. To wash or cleanse the face is advised, prior to work outs, to keep the pores clear and open for breathing during your session.
Shower right afterwards:
A good workout, should cause sweat from your head to your toes. Sweat itself is bodily waste product which requires urgent elimination. Remaining in clothes, socks and shoes soaked in sweat could result in odors, rash and acne, It could also promote skin infections. A good warm scrub in the shower will re-energize the body alongside refreshIng the skin, keeping it clean, smelling and feeling fresh.
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