Children are innocent and angelic creatures who know nothing about sex, though babies and toddlers masturbate, but it is part of their growth for them. A child that masturbates too often, tries to masturbate his or her siblings or other little children is exhibiting inappropriate sexual behaviour.

This kind of behaviour is termed ‘inappropriate’ because such sexual knowledge is gotten at a very late age and not during childhood.

If your child or any other child is found exhibiting such behaviour, you need to report to the parents so they could watch that child closely.

Flogging the child isn’t the best way to make him stop, you have to ask him questions. You need to sound understanding, this would help the child open up to you and trust you more.

Children learn to exhibit inappropriate sexual behaviours through the following ways:


Some parents feel it is alright to dress or undress in front of their kids, they feel it’s okay to make love to their spouse with their kid lying in the bed next to them. This is totally unacceptable, what makes you think your child is asleep? He may be awake the whole time and he’s watching what you two are doing.

He may begin to ask questions about your sexual activities or he may try to practice what ‘daddy and mummy always do at night. Children are very smart. Keep your sex life a secret, keep porn away from kids and avoid dressing or bathing with them.


Some kids could gain ideas of inappropriate sexual behaviours from school. They may learn it from other kids especially when they visit the bathroom.


This is why you need to ask your child questions, where did you learn this from? Who thought you this?

Flogging your child wouldn’t solve the problem, your child may have been sexually abused by your maid or anyone around. That’s your next job, to find out the person behind the abuse and report to the authorities.

Always remember children are gifts from God, treat them nicely.Be a wise parent.


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