What to do when your partner gets over demanding


Does your spouse surprise you with unreasonable demands? Are you feeling tired keeping up with your partner’s demands all the time? Dealing with an over demanding spouse is not easy. However, you must still try to do your best. Your partner can be demanding in many different ways. Some partners are emotionally demanding. Some partners can be sexually demanding and even mentally demanding.

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You must try and understand exactly what your partner’s needs are. If you can categorize what exactly your partner’s demands are, then you will be in a better position to understand him/her. It can also be that your partner’s needs are legitimate and you are unequipped to handle these demands.

In that case, the shortcoming is yours. You must try and work out your marriage even when your partner is over demanding. For this, you need patience and the right tactics. To know how to deal with an over demanding spouse in the right way, try these tricks.

TRY YOUR BEST:  Try To Do Your Best Always try to do you best when it comes to your spouse. You must try to make time for your partner and take care of his/her needs. There is no shame in trying to keep your spouse happy.

SPEND QUALITY TIME: Concentrate On Quality One hour of quality time is much better than hours and hours of time spent in bickering. Ten minutes of intense lovemaking is better than hours of half-hearted intimacy. So concentrate on ‘quality’ and not quantity if you have an over demanding spouse.

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BE CONSIDERATE: Introspect Try to put yourself in your spouse’s shoes and introspect if he or she is really over demanding or you are not good enough as a partner. Sometimes, the fault can lie with you and not your partner.

PRIORITISE: Prioritise In life, you have to have priorities. If your spouse demands more of your time and energy, maybe you have to put your friends on a back seat.

DON’T BLAME YOURSELF SOMETIMES: A partner who is emotionally demanding can make you feel guilty unnecessarily. You should never feel guilty because the problem lies with your spouse and not you.

AN EYE FOR AN EYE: Becoming Equally Demanding You must give your partner the taste of his/her own medicine. Try and become just as demanding as he/she is. Maybe it will make your spouse realise that he/she is suffocating you.

MAKE YOUR SPOUSE FEEL SPECIAL:  Doing something special for your spouse every once in a while will help you to fulfil his/her demands. Make your partner feel that you ‘need’ him or her.

TRUST EACH OTHER: Develop Trust Learn to trust your spouse and also develop the same trust for your partner. Only faith and trust can help you to deal with such a person.

ACCEPT YOUR SPOUSE: Everyone is difficult to deal with in their own way. So just like you feel that your spouse is demanding, your spouse may feel that you are distant. So just accept your spouse the way he or she is



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