Article_4_Picture_4 As we’ve mentioned before, what you eat before your workout can have a great impact on your overall efficiency in that training, and on the effect of your exercising. If you don’t eat right before, you may either: a) not have enough energy to train properly; or b) just burn some of the calories of your huge lunch, but still remain with too much.

The same story goes with what you eat after your workout: you need nutrients that are light enough not to make you bloated or heavy, preferably rich in minerals so that your muscles can recover faster from the effort, and also rich in protein so that you give your muscles something to build on. The more you develop your muscle system (and we don’t mean that in a too visible way, necessarily), the more calories you will burn each time you work out.

What to eat before training

Before training, you should have a light meal that won’t hinder your movements, but which should contain a bit of protein, a bit of healthy fat, and some slow-absorbing carbs. To cut a long story short, these are the best foods to eat before working out:

  • An egg or two plus a handful of rice
  • A light salad with cheeseArticle_4_Picture_2
  • Two bananas and a bowl of full-fat yogurt
  • Wholegrain porridge and dried fruitsArticle_4_Picture_3
  • Two or three chocolate cubes after your main meal

What to eat after training

After training, your main focus should switch from energy to protein that will help your muscles use all that effort to build themselves up, and also maybe throw some minerals like potassium and magnesium to the mix to prevent muscle soreness. These foods are the best:


  • Plain vegetables topped with an egg
  • Plain chicken breast, grilled or poaches, with no carbsArticle_4_Picture_5
  • Bananas and full-fat yoghurt (again)
  • Fatty fish, with no carbs, but with a salad
  • A handful of nuts to snack on


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