© Copyright 2012 CorbisCorporationPreparing to bring a baby into the world is no easy business, and it involves juggling a lot of responsibilities at once, while also noticing how your energy levels are dwindling. Among the chief things you have to keep in mind and always try to cover are the following: taking care of both the baby and yourself, properly resting, making sure the things you eat don’t harm you or the baby, making sure the clothes you wear aren’t too tight, making sure the moves you make aren’t dangerous or harmful, making sure your sleep positions are good for both your spine and the baby, keeping up with your nutritious intake guidelines, going to doctor’s appointments and following their advice and so on.

Article_3_Picture 4We know it’s hard as it is (but also a beautiful and joyful period, full of hope and expectations), so we’d only like to add one extra item to this list. Do you already know what you should pack for your hospital delivery? No matter if it’s a planned delivery or a spontaneous one, when the time comes you will have to be rushed to the hospital if that’s where you plan on giving birth. And you should prepare a pack of useful things to take with you. This is what this small baggage should contain:

  • A set of clothes for you to wear out of the hospital (when you check out);
  • A set of clothes for the baby to wear out of the hospital;
  • Two pairs of night gowns or pajamas for you to wear inside the hospital (if you plan to breastfeed, then make sure they are appropriate for that);
  • Also, a special maternity bra suitable for breastfeeding and some breast pads for the extra moisture (if you plan to do that; it’s no shame if you don’t want to breastfeed or can’t);
  • A baby toy that makes sounds when you shake it;
  • A pacifier (trust us, your baby will sleep much better with one);
  • Milk bottles for babies (for formula, in case your milk isn’t enough, or for your own milk if you pump);
  • A beeswax cream for dry patches of sensitive skin (it will be good for the baby and for you too if you choose to breastfeed);
  • A special pillow that you feel extra comfortable with;
  • A pair of comfy slippers;


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