You often hear the phrase ‘Dress the way you want to be addressed’, this goes a long way to show the importance of your dress code.

Your dress it’s like a book, it tells a story about you. It could be a nice story or a tragedy. What does your dress code say about you? Let’s see about that:


Whenever people see anyone in a suit,  we take that person as someone who is responsible, bold and confident, can handle tough situations and above all a leader.

Next time you want to be noticed, wear your cutest suit.

With a suit, you can never go wrong.


It could be a flowery gown or a shirt with flowery patterns. When you wear a dress with flowery designs, it tells people that you’re feminine, you are an easy going person, fun to be with and you are a lover of life. It makes you look approachable.


These are clothes below the knee. They could come in skirts or as gowns. Once you wear something like this, people would question your character especially in this part of the world. Most at times, they would see you as a wayward person, a loose woman and they may not like to associate with you.


Do you have a dress with a large slit or a deep cut at the neck that reveals your cleavage? People would see you as daring and fearless, as a stubborn woman who has refused to dress according to societal norms and values. They may feel you are slutty and irresponsible especially if you wear this to the wrong crowd. Celebrities usually get away with this, but an average woman cannot pull this off without people trying to tear off her head.


If you’re fond of wearing plain colors most of the time, people would think you are dull and boring to be with.


We all have that friend who isn’t afraid to mix colors. Well, wearing multi-colored materials makes you look wild and sassy, very beautiful and lovely, but don’t overdo this or you could end up looking like a rainbow in human form or a scare crow.


Whenever a woman or a man puts on any Ankara material, message :he or she is seen as one who is comfortable with not just himself but also with his African roots. You would be perceived as classy and suave.


When you wear sunshades, you are basically sending message:I am cool to be with’.



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