The Many Campaign Promises of APC…

You are highly disappointed. How did you fall for a santa claus dressed in APC branded dansiki?  You and your friends had queued up under the sun that hot afternoon at the polling booth and evoked the power of your fingerprint to ensure that Change would finally sweep through Nigeria. But was it really change you wanted? Looking back 7 months later you now know that you were simply a ‘long throat’. You had finished your university education and had been slapped in the face by the reality of scarce jobs in the country. For every vacancy that required just two people to be employed, a crusade standard crowd showed up and your CV had now become more published and widely distributed than daily newspapers. So, you were fed up in your own right. Transformation agenda was too ambiguous and more so deceptive. You knew that it was a masquerade dressed outwardly like the noblest of princes. But Change? That was more like it.


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Santa Claus APC doled out one promise after another from his huge sack of fantasies and you believed them – all 222 of them! Your eyes were particularly fixed on the N5,000 youth stipend you had hoped to get by with. You planned on how it would be spent on internet subscription and two other miniature expenditures in your budget. How gullible you were!  How could you expect to get paid for internet subscription with which you’d log in on twitter and criticize the same government’s every move? You shot yourself in the leg there.

You also believed the APC campaign promise that over 720,000 jobs would be created within the first year of PMB’s administration. You were even deceived by a fake whatsapp broadcast message that the Ministry of information was accepting submissions of  CVs… You packaged yours in a brown envelope and shipped it off to Abuja so that when the jobs arrive like imported biscuits arriving at Apapa in Maersk containers, you would be notified to come pick up your appointment letter. Chai! The Nigeria of your dreams.

You were even hooked by the one meal a day promise for school children. You had imagined your neighbourhood children would suddenly develop rosy cheeks because they were eating APC Chicken and Jollof rice. Hmmmmm…

You had pictured how your new home will look as you are allocated one of the one million housing units APC promised to build as soon as they get into power. My dear brethren, you better get a carpenter to fix your leaking roof because the rains are almost here. The housing units nko? Abeg, leave trash for LAWMA.

The many campaign promises of APC

Only if you had paid attention to the very last detail of each campaign promise, you would have noticed the one which said ” … Increasing the quality of all federal government-owned hospitals to world class standard within FIVE YEARS”. (How many years is Nigeria’s presidential tenure again? 4 years? Oh you forgot? Hehe) You would have quickly caught the hat trick before the joke landed on your head. You would have uncovered the sweet talk that was being used to lure your fingerprint.

Seven months later, only 1 out of the 222 fantasies you believed has been fulfilled- the war against corruption which has been very entertaining indeed. However,  you realize that it is nothing short of a parade of ‘yam eaters’ so far and you wonder when the judicial trials will begin or will they go Scott free? For you know that a goat will always look for another yam to steal if it’s tongue is not cut off. Yet, 1/222 belongs to the score sheet of a child who doesn’t know what he/she is doing or one whose relatives in the village are using his destiny to dance shoki.

The many promises of APC

You console yourself by saying that 3 years and 5 months still provides plenty of time for your long throat promises to be fulfilled. Maybe you will wake up to 1 million jobs tomorrow.  Who knows? That’s why he’s Santa Claus. He will just drop the fulfilled promise down the chimney of your hopes but until then stay glued to social media where you can admire the pictures of ‘him’ globetrotting.


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  1. what concern you, did you vote him? pls go and stay with your former President and live us along. we don’t want to hear that rubbish question

    • I didn’t mean that, but y will you accuse a leader who didn’t spend even a year in office? you are to put eyes on him and observe his ambitions not criticizing.

    • Buhari is liar. He promised to eradicate bokoharam within and bring back Chibok girls within 3 months, but the killing is still on and Chibok girls are no where to be found. He promised to equate 1 naira to 1 dollar, but now 1 dollar is almost 400 naira. No wonder his spokesman is Lie Mohammed.

  2. PMB is vigorously pursuing and fulfilling his campaign promises daily. These are Corruption & Criminality, Securing the country from Terrorists & Criminals, and Employment & Economy.

    • I agree with u a little, but for the economy, too bad 4 Nigeria, go to the market and fine out….but for others Buhari is making a mark

    • Ode, how many word did u wrote here just to show us that u cn spell all those words. How many mark has he make? Since he started anti corruption war. How much hve he recover? Gullible blind pigs.

    • Good and blind supporter where is the employment or corruption fight is it the media horse riding nothing has come through except we wait till 2019

    • u have only mentioned just 3 out of his various manifestoes of which he has only fufilled just one which is even partially(corruption)and insurgency which he has technically defeated by fake ammunitions purchased by GEJ

  3. Him buhari is a walking ghost, i ask can a walking ghost settled down? See u buhari God must punishe u & ur family.

    • ekeh or wat ever you call your name you are a very big fool… big for nothing can you tell me the reason why you are cousin him? may be you no even voted him nonsense people

  4. @Ikechi Matthew,PMB has NO campaign promise to fulfill to u bcos ur Candidate-JONA’ did not win the Presidential Election.BETTER GO ND EMBRACE A NEARBY TRANSFORMER PLZ.

  5. How many promises did ur Jonah filful befor we sack him back to his small hamlet otouke to start canoe business , better for u to go an join him expand dat business instead of expect our god send amiable president pmb promises

    • Please note that Jonathan left an eloquent legacy in protecting, promoting and defining what a true democracy should be. Look at the respect he command locally and international, no northern past and present leader will ever match his remark. Try and be truthful to yourself, the problem with you people from the north is that you are too bias and sectional in your judgment. If a (figure) folk up tell the person he folk up, even if is your friend, parents, government or president. Saying the truth will help us all.

  6. their will be nothing like that because APC did not have any good intention for Nigerians. as opposition party during PDP regime all their plan was to collect the power by force by fire’ and that all. their is nothing like change but for your side if their is any change let us no

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  8. If wil dont kil corruption ,corruption wil kil us.i support ur govt PMB ,let everybody and start again with a changing of our mind and our ambition

  9. I thank pmb for almost wining d war agaist boko boys (2) for putting our oil refinaries in other (3) war against corruption and d ongoing project in defferent part of d country under seven month. We should support him, he will do more, don’t compare him with others dat serve 4 8years’ some of our ex senators serve for 12 good years dey make thier money without even making a portable borehole 4 thier communities. Buhari is working pls don’t be partisan, it is only d blind dat can see.

  10. He has started. Or ve you not seen? He has increase the price of kerosene by about 75%. Electricity tariff by 45%. Dollars ve gone up like car speedometer. Prices of everything including garri are doubled. Have you not seen? The man has started the implemenaction of his campaign promises. Pls lets encourage his hard work. CHANGE for real.

  11. If ur guys are waiting for those promises that means u guys must be in a dream world…
    Since my life I have not see elderly people lying except Buhari and Lie lie Muhammad,chiboko girls under three weeks,one naira to one dollar under three month,#5000 monthly pay for the unemployed,daily feeding for the school children,this are just the few I can remember….pls can any body tell me just one among this promises this man has melt???

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  13. The budget has not been passed and signed into law. You were buying kerosine at over N100 a liter and remember ur refineries are not working due to pipeline vandalization. The new tarrif in electricity will bring in new players and ultimately the price will come down. What we need to do is to lower our consumption, taste for big life and waste. We are too wasteful in this country.

  14. We nigerians need God intervention because every citizens are confused…..look at our country today, hunger everywhere, beggars are increasen day by day, go better for us

  15. I think it not only fall in fuel price.this TSA is one big reason Nigerians are going through increase can you put all your eggs in one basket.many will crack.This govt Economy policies are more of hardship than friendly.

  16. Dont mind those senseless and idiot people that keep on asking the PMB to start fulfilling his campagn promises,when economy of the whole nation was destroyed by past administration headed by clueless PHD HOLDER and his cabinet,when they were busy defrauding the whole nation.My questions are these(1)”IS IT POSSIBLE TO BUILD ONE’S CASTLE ON THE AIR? “if a senseble person say NO,now,(2) how do expect the senseble administration to fulfill his promises on platform of corruption built by UNCLE JONNAH clueless PHD HOLDER?.

    • Only a poor workman quarrels with his instrument and keeps on blaming other. Buhari an old illiterate who has nothing to offer.

  17. Well,its a glaring fact and so obvious that alot of u asking the rhetorical question as to when President Buhari will start fulfilling his promises,must surely be thinking from ur anus and not ur brain bcos ur comments all along revealled u all sentimental,when a muthafucka was saying it on the air that stealing is not corruption,what a fuck!,Am sure in a sane environment,such a dumb ass will still remain with the psychiatrist receiving antipsychotics eg Risperidone.Bunch of idiots.

  18. Forget all this corruption fight.if hardship continue like this for another one year,i see another babagida must go riot.

  19. What miracle are u expecting from pmb within 9 months when GEJ could not perform any majic in 6+ years, at least give pmb 2 graceful years before u can start your mouth wagging

  20. Is only prayer can help us in this nation,bcos the house dat ave spoiled 4 so many years,is nt easy to rebuild in 8months

    • which money pmb want collect let him and apc fulfil manifesto promise but he cam allocate 4billion for his presidential lifestyle and3.8for villa restructure

  21. We are so much in a hurry, you don’t expect him to do magic when he met empty treasury couple with the falling price of crude oil. Let’s support our president and in no distance time we will be proud of our country again. PMB is a God sent.

  22. He told you also that it will get worse before it gets better. So be patient he means well for all of us. we can now go to sleep and believe that our national resources will not be squandered by One conduit ATM like Dasuki

  23. He told you also that it will get worse before it gets better. So be patient he means well for all of us. we can now go to sleep and believe that our national resources will not be squandered by One conduit ATM like Dasuki

  24. Story story, abeg make una reply,he promise to travel round d world has he not fulfil it. When he was shouting Change change why una no ask am say, pale which kind change u u mean. Even Fashola sef dey criticise Goodluck,now he has increase electricity tariff, if u check my timeline i said it then that is either u r voting goodluck or badluck now what is happening.

  25. He removed subsidy and decrease fuel price without any rancour, unlike clueless president who wanted to remove subsidy with increament of fuel to ₦140per litr. 2nd, the exposing of corrupt politicans and public office olders is another good job.


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