A proverb from the western part of Nigeria says “secrets that you try to keep from the elders will eventually be sorted by the elders” in other words, keeping a secret from those you shouldn’t keep it from is unwise as they will eventually hear about it.

Now you must be wondering… Is this another proverbial Tuesday? No, it’s not! It’s the situation with President Buhari’s health that’s got even me wondering.

On the 19th of January 2017, president Buhari wrote to the Senate,  asking to go on another 10-day medical vacation, saying that Vice-president Yemi Osinbajo will act on his behalf while he is away. The president was supposed to leave the country on the 23rd, return on the 5th and resume his duties on 6th of February. Though we had our reservations, but what is 10 days?  Farewell Mr President…

While he was away, rumours started going around that the President was dead…  Dead?  No way!  This must be the hunger in Nigerians speaking. I mean… who doesn’t know that things are triple their prices in Nigeria now and a lot of people are starving as they cannot afford their basic needs anymore. So we waved it aside.  Waiting patiently for the return of our president on the 5th based on the assurance of his staff.

Lo and behold 5th came and passed but our president did not return.  Then a letter emerged on Monday from the Senate written by the president’s special adviser and it reads:

Mr President... Dead or Alive?

In other words, our president postponed his vacation indefinitely.  What!!!

Now Nigerians concluded…  Our president was either dead or in a vegetative state.  Fuelling the rumour, even more, was the confusing and nomadic attitude of his staff. His mouthpiece especially, Femi Adesina.

First, he said he had never seen the president fallen sick, insisting that the president was healthy,  then he said that the president was on vacation but might stop by for a medical checkup… Oga you are telling the truth small small.

Mr President... Dead or Alive?

But the shocker was when he said he hadn’t spoken with the president in months… Even my shock absorber couldn’t absorb this shock… How can someone who has not spoken to the president in months tell us the state of his health?  I think this man also needs a medical vacation… All in favour say Yay!

Then northern leaders started having emergency meetings.

Also his loyalist, the Minister of Information, Liar… Sorry Lai Mohammed added that the president was hale and hearty…  In my mind, I observed a 1-minute silence for president Buhari.  I mean…  we all know that this man never lies *winks.

Mr President... Dead or Alive?

In a bid to suppress this rumour… our president started showing us pictures… Photoshopped pictures, even Adekunle Gold can do it.

First, we saw a photo of him and his wife,  I started wondering…when did Aisha become this dark? Well… Maybe because she has not been receiving the other room nutrients #tongueout.

Mr President... Dead or Alive?

Then another photo emerged of the president and Governor Amosun… I better not talk about that. Then we saw several other pictures looking like someone was trying to convince us of something.

OK, Mr President,  we see your efforts and we believe you,  just address us for 5 minutes at least, I mean…  we miss Hearing your voice…

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one thinking this way, but I was the most patient as others took to the streets to protest. Nigerians in London went to the high commission demanding to see and hear a short speech from the president,  but he didn’t show up.

Mr President... Dead or Alive?

The next thing we saw was a photo of the president with Tinubu and some others.  His only surviving elder sister also claimed that she speaks to her brother every day, insinuating that he is fine.

But my people, have you heard that Tinubu said he didn’t visit President Buhari in London? Adding that he was surprised to see photos of himself alongside Bisi Akande and the president in London. Baba said he was in Ibadan probably munching on Amala and Ewedu at the time they claimed he was in London. Hmmmmm!

Mr President... Dead or Alive?

Just yesterday,  the president said he wouldn’t return until his doctors say he can… In other words,  don’t expect me anytime soon.

But if the president can share photos and speak to his sister and some other people every day, why then can’t he address his people? What kind of leader leaves his people in a confused state? Considering how concerned the president claims to be about this country,  he shouldn’t just leave his people wondering and hanging. And judging from the situation of things in the country, this is definitely the wrongest time for our president to be away indefinitely unless there is something truly wrong.

We are even more troubled as this is not the first time this is happening. Recall our beloved president Yara’dua, we only heard about his death months after he was dead. We know how Nigerians like to hide everything. Even things as little as age,  they hide, but the future of this country is greater than whatever you are trying to hide.  We demand the President addresses us or we are told the truth as to what is going on over there.

Mr President... Dead or Alive?

Meanwhile, we are all praying for his speedy recovery and quick return.  We don’t want excuses as to why N1 couldn’t equal $1, why fuel didn’t sell for N40, why Boko Haram wasn’t captured, and… you know the rest.

With all these dramas going on, it all sounds again like one song. In fact, let me give you the link. No, we should ask Femi. I am sure he would say like Omawunmi ” if you ask me, Na who I go ask”


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