Afrik fashion shows are always poised somewhere between wacky and wonderful and this year’s event, which took place in mid-June, was no exception. The event came on the toes of the Moreno runway presentation, which had occurred only a few days earlier. The stakes were running high, insofar as the competitive spirit of sartorial creativity was concerned. Afrik stayed classy and true to its stylish brand identity, but there were plenty of surprises to be enjoyed this year, too. While most designers the audience was introduced to last year were present this year, as well, it was delightful to see that this year’s show signaled a return to indoor styles.
Check out the pictures below, for some of Cote D’Ivoire’s most renowned designers and their timeless creations. Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom, for some truly eye-popping hairstyle designs, the likes of which Africa hasn’t seen yet!

Anderson D


Think carnivals, feasts, and strong summer colors. Add dashing layers or expensive fabrics and visualize the complete picture of a fantasy-like celebration. That’s what Anderson D brought to life with the label’s collection shown at Afrik Fashion Show 10.



Pathe’O’s eagerly awaited men’s collection was a display of ethnic influences, typified by the presence of skirt-like bottoms and scarves, complete with bold colors and very simple styling for the rest of the outfit. All in all, the brand’s collection is all about edginess and street smarts, with not too much lip service paid to the typical accoutrements of regular runway fashion. It’s obvious that this label is all about their own ethos.

Gilles Toures


Renowned Ivorian designer Giles Toures put on a genuine tour de force this year, with outfits which mixed Old World elegance and class, pristine whites, and splashes of color and eccentricity. Head pieces featured massively in his collection, as exemplified by the above outfit, where the white flower-like structure that adorns the model’s head is a classical illustration of a conversation piece integrated into fashion.

Mad, mad hairstyles


It seems that sky was the limit for the hairstylists’ imaginations at this year’s Afrik Fashion Show – and, in many cases, the same literally applied to the models’ ‘dos. Check out some of the most extreme examples above and below. They’re a testament to the show’s overall emphasis on structure and edginess, with just a dash of futurism added for good measure.



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