Ntiense inhaled the drugging fragrance of the stream, it had been a long time she left the house, she had waited patiently for her shame to wear off.

Whom The gods Have Blessed – Episode 1

Yes, she was shamed… ten years of being married to Abasikot, ten long years of waiting for a miracle, a gift from the gods, she wasn’t able to conceive.

Abasikot was a good man, he had been patient enough,he had showed her true love but ones need for an heir superceeded minute qualities as love.

His family, hadn’t liked her from the onstart, they thought her a gold digger, one who came to reap where she didnt sow. So her childlessness gave them more grounds to call her many names.

If not ifot, an unrepentant witch, it was aboi, a loose woman who had sold her virtues to many men.

Her story was long and sorrowful, she played with the young fishes, an attempt to drag her mind from all the troubles.

Abasikot her husband, the greatest Atautop that lived within the seven clans was the love of her life, he was indeed the king of hunters.Tales had it that animals knew his name, they knew his trap and hid when they heard his footsteps.

She had been lucky to be chosen by him at the nka iferi dance, a dance for virgins after their circumcision during the mbopo seclusion ritual.

Before then, he’d approached her, but she rebuffed because she didn’t think he was sincere, he may have come for her body, and every maiden knew the consequence of being disvirgined before marriage. Besides, she was an orphan who grew up with an aunt who only cared for her children, she was more or less a slave.

She considered Herself unworthy of such a suitor, he was not just a man of repute but he was one of the finest men within the Seven clans.

She smiled as she tickled the water with her toes, the memory of that day was still fresh, he meant every word he spoke to her prior their marriage.

You Are Reading: Whom The gods Have Blessed – Episode 1

After the ritual, they were given seven days to heal completely and treatment was administered to their skins.

The virgin dance was well known and played a significant role in the culture of the seven clans.

The day had come, the day they Had all been waiting for, many girls prayed Abasikot favored them, but she was silent all through. She only wished her parents were alive, as all these would have much meaning then.

All the girls dressed in white, while the nobles wore red. The nobles included daughters of wealthy traders, hunters, farmers, fishers and Clan chiefs. One of the most arrogant was Adanne, she was the daughter of a clan chief, Okuku Ebeleze Obong from the Aro clan that was very near to Ekono clan.

They tied the material over their pubic regions and fastened it with numerous and heavy waist beads gotten from bini traders, only the rich could afford this, while the poor maidens borrowed from older women. Their bellies to their breasts were left bare for the suitors to admire, their skin was treated with a mixture of forest herbs And essential oils.

Ntiense sat quietly at the corner watching as the girls displayed their beauty equipments but she had none save a bead her mother had left her.

‘The red maidens first, then the white’ Mma Iquo their chaperone had instructed, she had passes many generations through this ritual and she often bragged about her accomplishments.

The dance usually startes with the red maidens, men from the noble class were selected and they waited at the market square with sliced palmfronds in between their lips. The girls would display their dance steps, some danced well, others danced better, and they were those who made extra effort, by wriggling their buttocks and shaking their unclad breast.

You Are Reading: Whom The gods Have Blessed – Episode 1

The men would then drop their palmfronds in the other of importance and dance towarda the woman they chose, usually lifting her up as a sign of victory.

‘Such a beautiful day’ she mused, as the memories kept unfolding.

What happened that day would never be forgotten in the history of the seven clans, the news had spread like wild fire.

‘Abasikot is yet to choose a bride’ one of her friends whispered to her…that was strange, he was among the nobles yet he’d refused to choose a bride from the red maidens.

Her heart began to race… did he really mean it when he told her he was going to marry her?

She walked like a coward to the square…some laughed at her as she was the only one with just a bead.

‘Yak unek atungo’ Ekono Clan chief instructed, and the dance of the white maidens began…

To her surprise, he was still at the waiting end, his eyes focused on her the entire time. He watched her silently, like how a lion would watch its prey, each rise of her chest, the fear that presented itself from sweat and the sway of her hips…he noticed, he saw all of it.

‘i choose Ntiense,daughter of Ndaeyo Ekono’ he claimed her and lifted her and the crowd went wild with shock, it was not unheard of, but it was a rarety for a noble to go for a white maiden.

But the chief rose and settled his people and sealed their marriage then.

‘ndito Ekono, children of Ekono, whom the gods have blessed no man can unbless’ and the crowd cheered and thundered ‘Yak asioñgo, yak afon ye mmo and may they never cry’


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