‘Fools’ Amjad mocked them in his heart, the whole land was for their taking. Kauzas never negotiated with anybody. They commanded, they took and never cowered.

‘Well then, the massacre shall begin soon. Keep your house well’ he left them and hurried into the night with Hasan behind him.

Whom The gods Have Blessed – Episode 15

‘I do not trust the stranger, he speaks our tongue far too smoothly. I fear he may betray us’ the Chief of Aro clan spoke his mind but many did not share his opinion.

‘We need to eliminate the Prince while he’s still here’ another suggested.

‘I will speak to his friend, if he can do that for us’ the Chief smiled, he had his plans…. That throne was going to be his.

‘You heard the stranger, the massacre shall begin soon. Keep your house well’ the priest reminded them and they all walked into the darkness.

You Are Reading: Whom The gods Have Blessed – Episode 15

She groped in the darkness, why had the moon taken her light?

She heard the footsteps and knew people were after her… She quickened her steps but tripped over something hard and her blood began to gush out like spring water.

‘Abasi help me’ she sobbed. She felt stupid for running.

Knowing Asari well, she must have thrown herself at the prince. Besides, she was still married at the time.

‘Get her, be gentle, she’s injured’ the guards spoke to each other.

One gently lifted her and placed her on his shoulder and they all returned to the palace.

‘You are wounded my love’ Edem as the guards brought her in. He quickly ordered the servants to fetch him some rags. It was all his fault…everything.

‘I am so sorry’ he kissed her softly. He was going to tend to her wounds himself. She smiled down at him as he rubbed her wound with a herb, wororo leaves, its liquid stung her a little but it was to prevent the leg wound from getting infected.

‘I shouldn’t have left… I’m sorry too’ she replied and kissed his mouth.

He dug her mouth with his tongue and then placed her gently on the bed. His hands roamed over her body and she cried in ecstasy.

‘Are you sure about this?’ He looked deeply into her eyes and she nodded. They became one in that moment and exploded in each other.

You Are Reading: Whom The gods Have Blessed – Episode 15

The next few weeks, news of their affair spread like wild fire through the land. But they were not pertubed.

‘I can’t believe you tried fighting for that whore you married’ Uyai was angry with her husband. Her only wish was the death of Ntiense.

She occupied her husband’s mind most of the time, she was no fool not to discern his absent mindedness.

‘I’m truly sorry, my love but her affection for the prince wounds me’ he was being sincere. He had joined with the other nobles…Edem was going to meet his doom soon. For daring him and touching Ntiense, his blood would flow.

‘So you still love her’ Uyai felt hurt by his honesty. She had to destroy Ntiense by all means possible.

‘I love you more my beauty’ he embraced her before leaving for his hunt.

She was alone now, pregnant and angry. Her marriage wasn’t secure with Ntiense around, something had to be done.

‘Is my friend home’? Asari called as she walked in. She had sleepless nights over the rejection by Prince Edem. He had no regard for her. Maybe Akpabio was right, but she didn’t care, she still loved him. Adored him, dreamt of how they loved each other over and over again. But the only obstacle was Ntiense.

‘Ufan, Abadie? Welcome’ Uyai offered her a seat.

‘You look upset’ Asari noticed.

‘He still thinks about her. I’m sure of it’ Uyai wiped the tear that strayed.

‘Ku twa, do not cry my friend, we would find a way and deal with Ntiense, she has stolen something from us both.’ Asari comforted her.

‘What do you propose we do?’ Uyai wondered. It was not as if Ntiense had done anything so wrong to her, she was just a jealous wife whose husband still had the craving for his other wife who had divorced him.

‘We bury her.’ Asari hissed, she deserved to die.

Whom The gods Have Blessed – Episode 15

‘You mean kill her? Shed blood?’ Uyai was bewildered.

‘Of course, she has to die for your marriage to regain peace and for me to get the Prince’s heart…can’t you see that?’ Asari explained.

‘Mmaha se afo atang ado, I don’t like what you’re saying. We would be going too far and she isn’t much a threat to me. She divorced Abasikot few moon days ago at the family meeting’ Uyai explained.

‘Divorced him? Is that even possible?’ Asari was surprised.

‘Abasikot had reported her to the elders concerning her adultery but Prince Edem and other villagers who knew how we treated her came to her defence, she broke the calabash he’d presented her on her marriage day, while the Prince returned his bride price and a healthy black goat.’

Asari was silent for a while, she now understood her friend’s reluctance to join her in this quest for justice.

‘I even hear she is pregnant for the Prince’ Uyai continued, ‘that means only one thing’

Asari was more determined than ever.

‘Yes my friend, it means only one thing. After she delivers, the Prince would marry her but first he has to take a virgin for a bride which you aren’t, so just forget the prince and move on. Akpabio really loves you… Think about it’ Uyai advised, still harboring a bit of resentment for Ntiense.

But that wasn’t Asari’s line of thought. If Ntiense was really pregnant, it further delayed her plans. It was a taboo to harm a pregnant woman but she was ready and willing to wait… She had to take what rightfully belonged to her, sooner or later.

…. To Be Continued.

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