Why in the world was Taylor Swift crying at the Grammys???


Taylor Swift at the Grammys

Taylor swift was seen pouting and crying at the Grammys despite the multiple awards she got.


Were they tears of joy? Nope! They weren’t. Apparently, she wasn’t happy with herself because she had missed a note in her song.


The singer graced the occasion with her opening performance. She performed her song “out of the woods”… She was afterwards seen turning around in her seat to explain to someone that she had missed a note and asked if they noticed.

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“I missed a note, did you notice”? she asked.


But Selena Gomez, her best friend and date for the night quickly helped her get over the sad feeling by comforting her. That’s what BFFs are for, right?

Taylor honey, take a clue from Adele and shake it off… Most people probably didn’t notice that. Just like I didn’t.


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