Widowhood Chronicles 20: Regina, Stranger Than Fiction.

Widowhood Chronicles 20: Regina, Stranger Than Fiction.

My journey into widowhood was a strange one, you see, my husband died when I was seven months pregnant with my first child. It was a rather mysterious death as I kept having nightmares before then and also received an odd prophecy from a random prophet.

My name is Regina and this is what happened to me. All of my younger sisters (3 in number) got married before me. My mother was anxious and she put a lot of pressure on me. I wandered from church to church, from prophet to prophet. I eventually met my husband at the age of thirty–eight.  I met him at the market place; we both wanted to buy the same item but the shop owner had only one left. We went back and forth playfully until he said he’d let me have the item on the condition that we exchanged contacts. I was single and searching so I agreed.  

He called me a few days later and we went out for the first time. Ignatius was not very good looking but he had a maturity that I liked. He was not married and had just clocked forty and he was also looking for a bride. He did business which was not so big but was paying his bills at least. We felt we could do well together. After three months of dating, we got married. My mother was overwhelmed with joy, I’m so sure she danced and sang the loudest at the wedding.

All went well and we moved in together. I had two miscarriages in quick succession. I became bothered and resorted to prayers and prophets again. My husband was already fidgety and mounting pressure on me. As I approached my fortieth birthday I cried out to God for a miracle. Then I got pregnant for the third time. I guarded my belly jealously.

I went for my weekly prayers and a guest prophet was available that day; I had never met him before. As we continued the prayer he turned towards me suddenly and said I would have to choose between my husband and my baby. I was scared and after that day I didn’t go for the prayers anymore. I started praying by myself at home.

By the sixth month of pregnancy (previous ones didn’t stay past 4 months), I was having recurring nightmares. I called my mother and aunties to pray for me as I kept seeing that prophet in my dreams. I stopped going out often and contracted my business from the house. My husband was happy my pregnancy had advanced and was looking forward to being a father.

On the seventh month, I had a particularly bad dream where my husband tried to drag my child from me but I fought him and snatched my child and ran away. I spent the next few days trying to figure out what it was all. Later that week, I was sitting quietly at home when I received a call from my husband’s shop keeper saying my husband suddenly slumped and died at his shop, accelerating my journey into widowhood.

I don’t know how I survived through it all, but I managed to carry my pregnancy full term and delivered a baby boy. I went through a very tough time and I’m still trying to heal. It hasn’t been easy though coping with widowhood.

I wonder what it is that happened. Some say my husband must have offended someone but how can I be sure? I leave it to God. My son is two years old now and doing well. Marriage is completely out of the books for me. I am still mystified after all these years and wondering what really went on.



  1. It is well with you and your baby. Have you considered if your husband dabbled in the occult? How was his spiritual life? In these questions lies your answer. May God be with you and your son.


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