Widowhood Chronicles 22: Adebayo, Tinu Didn’t Have To Die

Widowhood Chronicles 22: Adebayo, Tinu Didn't Have To Die

Hello Ross,

My name is Adebayo and my widowhood story is about how my wife died from carelessness on her part and that of her mother. Please Kindly publish this.

I met my wife Tinu while I was dating her friend. They were both living together then. My ex started cheating on me and when I found out we had a major fight in the house. Tinu tried to help us get back together but it didn’t work.

I later met Tinu a few years later. We met at a wedding. She looked very pretty and we had friendly discussions. My ex had gotten married to the guy she had cheated with not that I cared anymore.  Tinu kept calling to check up on me regularly and that’s how we began dating.
She took me to meet her mother after we had dated for about six months. Her father was late.

Tinu wanted us to do some form of prayers and cleansing, even though, I hadn’t proposed to her. She begged me to do it saying her mother was a prophetess and she wanted to know if our union would be okay. I went ahead with it because I thought it was harmless. It turned out okay. I should have taken it as a red flag but I guess I was too blinded by love.

Tinu got pregnant a few months later and we rushed our wedding ceremony. She still continued her prayer meetings once in a while at her mother’s prayer house.


My Widowhood Journey

When my wife was almost due, I suddenly had to go out of town for a week. Her mother suggested she came to her house so she could give birth if necessary. I agreed because I thought she would take her to a hospital nearby and anyways, I hoped to have been back before the delivery.

I never knew my mother in law took her to a prayer house. It was when she developed serious complications that they called me. By the time I arrived, my wife had finally been rushed to the hospital but she was in a coma and the baby was dead already. An emergency operation had to be done to try to save my wife. I was in tears and screaming at my mother in law asking her what had happened.

The doctor took me aside and told me the baby had been very big and my wife could not have possibly delivered him normally except via caesarian section. She had been kept too long in labour and hence had developed other complications. One of those from the prayer house said my mother in law had rejected their pleas to take her to the hospital after she had laboured for two days without success. She was tired and gradually began to slip away and that was when they rushed her to the hospital.

I nearly beat up my mother in law but was restrained.

My wife died two days later. She never came out of the coma. It broke me to pieces. I had police raid the prayer house and my mother in law was arrested along with other members of the sect. I was advised to drop the case because they said it was a family matter and I guess they feared my mother in laws grey hairs. I quietly buried my wife and cut all contact with her family.

I learned a big lesson here. Check the mentality of the person you are marrying. Check the background and save yourself the heartache. I have since remarried but this was the worst experience of my life. I have two children now both born in a hospital with qualified hands. Thank you.



  1. Aaaawwwww this is soo sad, prayer works buh it’s God who still trained we health workers to take certain tasks. Sorry boss accept my condolence


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