Widowhood Tales 43: Bessie, He Changed Me Completely

Widowhood tales 43:Bessie

Hello, my name is Bessie and I would love to share my widowhood story here. Thank you all for this opportunity.

I was born to a single mother. All my siblings were from different men. We had a close bond though and I was the only female of the bunch. My mother was always angry and beat us a lot when we were little. I remember her as this cold-hearted woman that only cared about herself.

As I grew to my teenage years, I found myself having to hustle for everything I needed. I could not pay my fees when I gained admission and ended up dropping out of school. I hated men for two reasons, I was raped at age 13 by my mother’s boyfriend who was also the father of our youngest sibling.

She didn’t do anything about it but rather blamed me for trying to tempt her man. The second reason was that I never saw my mother enjoy any of her relationships. The men used to beat her and steal from her.  So you can see how messed up I was about men. I dated for what I could get from them. I had no plans to marry.

Donald and marriage

I met my husband during my training in wig making and organic cosmetic training shortly after I dropped out of school. It was at the birthday party of my trainer. She made us act as ushers during the event. Donald approached me and said I was his wife. I laughed so hard that I nearly fell off my chair. I looked at him with disdain and went off to continue my duties.

He persisted and got my number from one of my colleagues. That was the beginning of his persistent wooing. I was rude to him; I made sure to accept all his gifts without a word of thanks. Eventually, I gave in. My mother was shocked and I could even sense some jealousy when I told her I was getting married. When Donald came to our small house, she was amazed at the kind of responsible man that came for me.


We had a beautiful ceremony and much later he told me that God had sent him to marry me. I didn’t care; I just wanted to enjoy his money. I must admit, I gave him a very bad time on several occasions. I tried his patience but he broke me with his maturity (he was ten years older).

I mellowed down a little as the years went by and I saw that he was indeed God sent. We had three children and I started my own wig company and made organic skincare products as well. My mother tried to cause problems for us, if not for the kind of person he was, she may have succeeded. She later passed on when we were about eight years into the marriage.

Change and widowhood

My youngest sibling came to stay with my family after that. Shortly before my husband died, I gave my heart to Christ and began to return the love my husband had for me. Sadly he had an accident on his way back from work one night. I never thought I would feel so sad in my life. he left too soon, only twelve years of marriage?

Widowhood hasn’t been easy. My husband changed me completely. I wish he had lived longer to see how much I appreciate him. He made me believe all men were not the same. Donald if you can read this I, Bessie, love you till eternity, I will always remember you. Thank you for loving me in spite of my nature. I will do my best to ensure the children are well brought up.

Thanks for reading my widowhood story, my tears are flowing again.

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