Widowhood Tales 45, Harold: Killed By Her Lover’s Wife

Widowhood Tales 45, Harold: Killed By Her Lover's Wife

Hi, my name is Harold and this is my widowhood story. The story of my journey as a widower. Great job you are doing on this blog please keep it up.

I have been a widower for over five years and surprisingly it’s been for me a peaceful one. I feel relieved and at a point of rest. My marriage was a turbulent one which led to the death of my wife. No, I didn’t kill her but circumstances led her into a life that eventually ruined her. My wife, Rose, turned to some kind of prostitute during our marriage.

Rose and Marriage

When my wife and I got married, I was at the top of my career. My job paid me so well that I could afford trips yearly with my family. I gave Rose everything she asked for, nice clothes, shoes and anything else she wanted. I wanted her to stay home and care for our children so I worked out some kind of salary payment monthly for her.

As the children grew older and didn’t need her attention as much, she began partying and hanging out a lot. I saw it as a bad trend and so I asked her what she wanted to do so that she could get busy. She said jewelry business and I contacted a friend in Dubai who said he would gladly supply all kinds of jewelry to her to help start the business. That’s how she started the business and I opened a store for her.


Things went bad for me along the line. I lost my job and faced a lawsuit that drained me financially. Within me, I knew I would bounce back after it was all settled but I just didn’t know how long it would take. I tried to keep up with the school fees of the children and their general welfare which I felt was more important at the time. Thankfully, I had some investments that helped with all that.

I needed now to focus on getting back on my feet and I expected my wife of all people to understand. Rose became a thorn in my flesh; she quarreled with me at every opportunity and insulted me too.  She disregarded me by going against my instructions. Her fortieth birthday was close and she wanted to have a big party. I told her I wasn’t disposed to that at the time as I could not afford a party. My thought was to first do a private thing.

The party that broke it all…

My promise that we could celebrate big later didn’t hold well with Rose. She wanted a big party despite the circumstances. It was as if something had come over her. I never knew my wife had been influenced by her friends and the party was kind of a do or die affair for her.  They began to introduce her to influential men that would sleep with her and pay.

I came back from my hustles one day and saw that she hadn’t been home all day. My oldest child had taken care of lunch and was making dinner. I had my bath and wanted to rest a bit but ended up falling asleep. Suddenly waking up at 11 pm, I realised that my wife still hadn’t come home. As it was a day of the week and she hadn’t mentioned going to a party, I got worried. I began to try her number but it was switched off.

I managed to stay till morning and tried again but no response. At that point, I decided to call one of her friends whom I knew but she didn’t pick my calls. The next option was to go to the Police station. They promised to look into it and I had no choice but to return home and wait. Hours later I received a call from the police to come and identify a body. On my way there my wife’s friend called me but I could not make out what she was saying because she was crying profusely.

Death and Widowhood

I saw my wife’s body and shuddered. She had been killed in a hotel room and the body had only just been discovered. Details I got later was that she had been seeing this man who promised to fund her birthday celebration. The man’s wife found out about the affair and sent thugs after her.

They were both found at a hotel making out. Her husband was spared but my wife was shot. The whole thing was made to look like a robbery incident. Apparently, both husband and wife were well connected and they got away with this.
The incident destabilized me for a long time. My wife’s friend told me she had warned her about that man but Rose felt she could outsmart him and collect money. I didn’t even know who or what to believe. As a mark of respect to all concerned, I kept the details of her death hidden from her family and mine. I didn’t want to shame her in death. I just told them armed robbers shot her. That was the story that was circulating anyway.

Life in widowhood

I’ve been raising my children myself ever since, no plans to remarry right now. I just want to enjoy the peace I have with my children which my wife took away before she passed on. Thanks for reading my widowhood story.

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My thoughts…

They say we should never speak evil of the dead but… Another proverb says “as you lay your bed…”.

So yes we have heard one side of the story and there usually is a different side with another perspective. But she was caught in a hotel with a man!. One thing I find sad is how not everyone takes their marriage vows that seriously. A number of people are only there for the good times.

The wife, as long as the man is a provider. The man as long as the wife is strong and healthy. Marriage is all about sticking together. I believe though that Harold could have inadvertently spoilt his wife. He could have made her bear more responsibility at a point in their marriage. That is a story for another day.

This is, however, one widowhood story that wasn’t meant to be. Please I welcome your comments. Please take the time to read our other stories here. If you have a widowhood story you would like to share, or if you would need some private marriage advice send me an email via ross.t@davinadiaries.com.



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