Widowhood Tales 46, Carrissa: Crushed By A Trailer

Widowhood Tales 46, Carrissa: Crushed By A Trailer

My name is Carrissa and this is my widowhood story.

I was married for fifteen years before my husband died in an accident. Lanre was a caring and doting father to our children. I must say he was one of the few responsible men I knew back then. I had been in some relationships that left me scarred. At that point, I had lost hope in finding a good man before Lanre came into my life.

We met at an event hosted by his company. I was the decorator and he was the person I was to liaise with. We became friends and later lovers. He made me give him a chance and he didn’t disappoint. I have never been loved the way Lanre did.


Fifteen years of marriage and I was still in love with him. He made sure we celebrated our anniversaries every year by taking me out. We never quarreled more than a day at a time. Lanre also supported my interior decorations business by giving me money and some of his contacts. When I heard some of my married friends complain about their husbands, I would be surprised because I had no such story to tell. This may sound hard to believe but we were happy together. Our union produced three children, two boys, and a girl.

On the day Lanre died, he had called me from the office telling me he would be home late. He needed to help a colleague set up for a family event; my husband was selfless like that. I was also busy preparing for a church outreach.

Journey to widowhood

It was later that night at about 10:30 pm that I realized his phone was turned off. I tried reaching his colleague but he told me my husband had left several hours earlier. At that point, I panicked because it was unusual for him to go off the radar. I tried to remain calm as I called his siblings and none of them had seen or heard from him.
It was the next day we got the shocking news of his death in an accident. A trailer fell on his car and he was crushed to death. I was sedated for days and I didn’t get to see my children for a few days as events unfolded around me. My world collapsed and all I wanted was to join my husband. I just went through the motions for the funeral.


After the burial, I tried to settle into my new life as a widow. Oh, it was tough, I cried every blessed day. I still do sometimes. Sometimes I would just hold my kids and cry. The experience made me highly protective of them. I feel lonely too. Truly, I just miss my husband, my lover, friend and confidante. I don’t think any other man would do for me. I’m stronger now than I was when it first happened last year and I pray for God’s continual help emotionally.
Thank you for letting me share my story here.

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My thoughts…

Thanks so very much Carrissa for sharing your story. It takes courage to share. Sharing though brings some relief. I pray that God helps you find full healing for your heart and soul. I pray also that the kids get solace.

When you do open your heart, I pray that God helps you find the right man and bring him your way. In Jesus Mighty name Amen!. He is God almighty and nothing is too hard for him.

No comment here. You can read other widowhood stories here. Please we look forward to having your widowhood story. There could be someone whose healing would come through reading. If you have a marriage counseling need or a story to share, please send me an email via ross.t@davinadiaries.com. warm regards



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