Omolola is a former journalist, and she initiated  some TV shows in Nigeria After graduating from school. she worked at the Community Counseling Centers of Chicago where she helped people with mental health issues.Also, Omolola worked ” for but decided to quit when she had kids . As a result, she started her own website called where she was providing recipes for Nigerian food. Then she created FIN which is a Facebook page where women from Nigeria meet and share their stories without embarrassment. The group started as Female In Nigeria, but now changed to “Female IN” to accommodate its increasingly diverse membership. FIN has more than a million women who use this Facebook page. It is a private page that can only be accessed by its members. Omolola’s goal is to help women who are struggling with life, but can not tell anyone about their issues because of tradition. In many countries like Nigeria, girls and women are voiceless. “Whenever a girl shows any sign of self-awareness she gets silenced. So, FIN is for those voiceless women who have nobody to listen and encourage them. After she created FIN, Omolola met the Facebook  founder Mark Zuckerberg. They discussed how women are getting support from FIN. In an interview with CNN, Mark Zuckerberg phased her for connecting voiceless women and building a safe community for them on Facebook. Lola is now planning to move forward with FIN by “providing centres where women can go to talk about their experiences in a safe space.”



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