Woman mysteriously disappears during a live show


Woman mysteriously disappears during a live show

News of the woman who seemingly disappeared during a live news report has caused the internet to lose its chill.

According to the video that’s got people talking, while a man was being interviewed on a live show at an airport’s baggage claim, a blonde woman who stood behind him in the shot apparently vanished into thin air.

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The strange incident happened when a random woman pushing a baggage cart walked past her and then she was no longer there.

Woman mysteriously disappears during a live show

Since the video from the live show got posted online, a lot of people have suggested that the lady’s a ghost or the whole disappearing act is some sort of “alien activity.” A few more logical individuals figured that the woman just coincidentally walked at the same exact time as the woman pushing the cart.

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The “strange” video has had over 4 million views and people are still freaking out about it. But here’s the time to take a chill pill people, the woman didn’t disappear. If you’d calm down and look closely, you’d notice that the seemingly vanished woman’s blue jeans can be seen in the gap between the woman’s arm and her body.

Woman mysteriously disappears during a live show

Which means they really did coincidentally move at the same time. The “mysterious” woman just happened to move at the same time the woman pushing the cart got to her.


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