In response to our DD fans request about vitiligo, I hereby bring you a 2 part article about it.

What is Vitiligo? And what causes it?

Vitiligo is often described as an autoimmune disease. Although the cause is unknown, it’s occurrence happens when a persons immune system goes against itself thereby destroying the melanocytes in the skin.

Can I be affected by Vitiligo?

Most affected people athestate of being initially affected by the disease in their twenties. It affects people of all races, age and gender. As an autoimmune disease, people affected by diseases such as hyperthyroidism are more likely to be affected by vitiligo. The disease is also hereditary. Though it does not always replicate itself in some generations.

Symptoms of Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is characterized by white patches over specific areas exposed to the sun such as; The armpits, groin, mouth , eyes, nose, navel, genital and rectal area. People affected with vitiligo may notice their hair turn grey as teenagers. Whist people with darker skin may exhibit lip and ,or inner mouth discoloration.


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