It’s high time South Africa was taught a lesson!

Can you imagine the nerve?! The mere thought of these Xenophobic attacks wells up a holy anger in me. I mean, even South Africans are claiming champions??? No, we cannot have this!

Yes, South Africa is well known for discrimination and even violence on people from other countries. But in recent times, it’s been majorly on Nigerians. They now enjoy killing Nigerians so much they seem not to be able to stop. A Nigerian man can no longer walk freely on the streets of South Africa, or worse still sell in market places… they get lynched, killed like Easter chickens.

Xenophobic attacks: South Africa must be taught a lesson

People who have families there can testify to the fact that Africans live in constant fear and terror, especially those in market places.

The Nigerian government has tried to stop the killings but it appears nothing has been done, no change has been effected. Our people are still being killed.

Now, I’m wondering what can be done to keep our people in South Africa safe since the government wouldn’t help us.

I advise that stringent measures be taken. I’m not a blood for blood person so I do not subscribe to killing of South Africans who are in Nigeria but I think their multi-million investments in Nigeria should be threatened.

Xenophobic attacks: South Africa must be taught a lesson

South Africa has over 19 investment companies in Nigeria including Multichoice (DSTV), MTN and Shoprite. You’ll agree with me that these people have benefitted a lot from Nigeria. Thinking about the apartheid era, even Major General Daniel Mofokeng confirmed that Nigeria was in the forefront in the struggle against apartheid and that Nigeria made huge sacrifices for the liberation of South Africa from minority rule.

Nigeria played a pivotal role in establishing the United Nations Special Committee against Apartheid in the 1960s while ordinary Nigerians contributed financially to the anti-apartheid movement, especially in reaction to the 1976 Soweto uprisings.

But they forgot that in a second and turned against us. How about we turn against them too? Teach them a lesson for a bit.

Xenophobic attacks: South Africa must be taught a lesson

A group of militants have hinted that if nothing is done to stop the killings within a month, they will attack South African investment companies in Nigeria.

They explained that to start with, they will make sure all MTN masts and offices are brought down to nought. And I agree with them. They should go on and threaten two or three of their investment companies so they can learn a lesson.

Yes, I feel sorry for our brothers and sisters here in Nigeria who will be jobless for a month, two or three, but this has to be done. We cannot guarantee that Nigerians will stop going to South Africa and we cannot ask them not to… some people have their whole world built there… but what we can do is secure our safety there, be sure that our people can be safe there, and if this is what we must do, so be it!


    • The only stupid thing I hear here is your voice. Should we fold our alms and watch them kill all our people? If you have a better solution, please let’s hear it, if not, please go and brush your teeth.

  1. Apparently, the first contributor is anonymous … Maybe anonymously South African … or anonymously stupid … or both

    Me? I am anonymously Nigerian.

    TOSIN … Keep up the good work

    GD … Let them know!


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