You can now Follow Pope Francis on Instagram


You can now Follow Pope Francis on Instagram

‎You can now get to know the Pope even without getting to Rome. Pope Francis has once again showed how ‘techy’ he is by joining Instagram.  The 79-year-old Pope joined Instagram on Saturday and ‎ his handle, @Franciscus already boasts of over N1m followers in 24hrs.

Before he joined Instagram, the Pope had been on twitter for a while where he has a massive followership and it is believed that his Instagram followers will rapidly increase when his social media director starts ‎to post photos and videos on the image-centric network.
The Pope’s first post is of the Pope himself kneeling in prayer with the caption “Pray for me” written in nine different languages. 
According to Dario E. Viganò, a prefect of the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communications, the purpose of the page is to give the people privilege to know the Pope better.

“Instagram will help recount the papacy through images, to enable all those who wish to accompany and know more about Pope Francis’ pontificate to encounter his gestures of tenderness and mercy. We will choose photographs from the Photographic Service of L’Osservatore Romano, selecting certain details. In this way we can show those aspects of closeness and inclusion that Pope Francis lives every day.” he said.

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His Instagram handle is “@Franciscus” and it looks like an interesting page to follow.



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