You love Rihanna? You have to check this out!


11055641_623103261124856_1693231841_nFor those of you who are hardcore Rihanna fans, I am sure you would love this. The pop queen and fashion icon just dropped a behind the scene teaser of her recently released single, “B**ch better have my money”.

I am not sure why I like this song but it certainly has the vibe to bring out the “gangsta” side of you. Even if you don’t want to move, you would notice you really can’t stay still whilst this song is on. I can’t wait to see the full official video but till then, enjoy the behind the scenes teaser.



  1. Teni, this song is beyond dope…hence you feelin it! I guess maybe its coz we all have that someone that owes us money and keeps acting like they forgot…lol….thats my fave line in the song..”Don’t act like you forgot.” and of course the killer beat!! The full official video is out already, saw it weeks ago on some DStv music channel. Thanks for the BTS yo!


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