Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, on Sunday, lambasted President Muhammadu Buhari for declaring that he will jail more looters.

He stressed that Buhari will end up like the biblical “Herod, Pharaoh and Sennacherib” because he allegedly carried out more corrupt practices than any other leader.

Buhari had made the declaration upon his return from London, where he spent 10 days on vacation.

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However, Fani-Kayode rubbished the President’s declaration, describing Buhari as “nothing but a pernicious liar, a loud-mouthed hypocrite and a schoolyard bully.”

In a tweet, the former minister wrote: “I have come back to jail looters- Buhari.

“You are nothing but a pernicious liar, a loud-mouthed hypocrite and a schoolyard bully.

“No-one has looted as much money, inflicted as much pain and shed as much innocent blood as you. You shall end like Herod, Pharaoh and Sennacherub.”



  1. Femi Fanikayode you still have problems of your addiction. It’s seems you do not think before you speak. You are among the LOOTERS, I know this is running in your family, but be sure you and you co-looters will end like Faraoh, and also, like those people that ganged up against MOSES, Nigeria ground will SWALLOW all of you, soon your family will start WEEPING We learnt that Bukola Saraki, as now distributing money, cows and rams to his Satanic ALFAS, and giving his area boys money to cause problems if Buhari re-arrest him. He is now holding the straw that will break his back.


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