The Lagos State Government has said that beginning from the next academic session, the entry age for all prospective students into any secondary school, private or public, would be 12 years old.

In a circular released in March and signed by one Mrs A. A. Adebowale of the Ministry of Education, the state government said a fine of N50,000 has been proposed for first offenders and N100,000 fine for second offenders as well as warning letters to close an erring school in case of any violation.

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She said the new directive will be strictly enforced by agencies of education in the state.


    • Ekohimhegbe E Joy d Same national policy on education should work for national policy for employment, dis era wen u see age requirement for employment de will say not more dan 24yrs wit masters. Abeg make d govt de joor

  1. Now that everybody wants hisher child to become a proffessor @age 25(situation were children take entrance examination into secondary school @age 8 instead of say 10 or 11 at most, what becomes of the national policy on education?just asking for my father uncle’s brother’s son 😂😂😂😂

  2. Hope organization will not be looking for age brackets of 20-24 for employment. Hope universities will give all jambites admission without delay. Hope federal government will pay lecturers to stop them from going on indefinite strike.
    If these are guaranteed then we can work with the government and there age 12 regulations


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